Modern on Falkberget

On Falkberget you will find Bergendals more contemporary side. All of our large  dining rooms are in a contemporary style, located right next to the bar and the outdoor terrace. Up here on the mountain you are offered the most fantastic wiew overlooking Edsviken.- it's easy to understand why the place is named Eagle mountin.

On weekdays, we serve all our regular meals (breakfast, lunch buffet and dinner) here.
The dining room is divided into four parts: Stora havsutsikten, Lilla havsutsikten, Parkutsikten och Insikten. For larger events, it is fine to subscribe the entire dining room, as well as the at smaller events.

Stora havsutsikten

Stora utsikten is the dining rooms corner room and it is hiding inside,Lilla utsikten. It is a room with both strong natural presence and stunning lake view. The windows go from floor to ceiling, and here you can see all the way to Globen as you gaze out over Edsviken. Stora utsikten can be subscribed separately.

Facts for Stora utsikten:
Maximum number of peolpe: 120 in long table and  90 in the round table

A corner room with floor-to-ceiling windows in two directions, close to nature, splendid lake views, proximity to Falkbergets other dining rooms and a bar.

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Lilla havsutsikten

Lilla utsikten, which is the first room you see when you enter Falkbergets dining rooms. It serves as both dining room entrance and a link between the Stora utsikten and Insikten. The room is reminiscent of Stora utsikten, with floor to ceiling, but is much smaller. Lilla utsikten offers instead a furnish terrace, with stunning views overlooking Edsviken.

Facts about Lilla utsikten:
Maximun number of people: 50 in long table,
42 in round table

Floor-to-ceiling windows, sea view, terrace, proximity to Falkbergets other dining rooms and the bar.



Parkutsikten is our latest contribution on Falkberget. Perhaps it is this part of the dining rooms on Falkberget that feels the most secluded, despite the proximity to the rest of the dining rooms and the bar. With floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, this is nature at its closest. Parkutsikten can be subscribed separately.

Facts about Parkutsikten:
Maximum number of people: 120 at long table,
76 at round table

Floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, very close to nature, lake view, proximity to Falkbergets other dining rooms and the bar.



The room that links the different dining room's togheter, is called Insikten. The room serves as a hub among the many dining areas on Falkberget and this is also where the everyday buffets is served. When we remove the buffet, it is also a nice place to sit in, with views over both the Lilla utsikten and Parkutsikten.

Facts about Insikten:
Maximum number of persons: 88 in long table,
72 in round table

Insikten is the link between Falkbergets other dining rooms (Insikten is the daily host for the buffets), proximity to the bar.