Dining rooms

At Bergendal we have several dining rooms and banquet halls in various environments to choose from.

Our main dining room, is located at the top of Falkberget, with beautiful views of Edsviken. The main dining room is located next to the bar and the style here is modern. If you prefer older environments we are more then happy to serve you in our genuine manor house from the early 20th century. In the manor house, we can both offer a slightly larger room with a beautiful view of the avenue but we can also offer you a smaller and more intimate dining room.

On Falkberget you will also find smaller dining rooms, ideal for those who seek privacy and a little more exclusivity and our bar. In the bar we serve snacks, lighter dishes and traditional swedish cooking. With its panoramic views and the terrace outside the bar it is a perfect gathering place for dinners. If you come with a small group who wants to be by themself, we can of course offer "chambre separé".


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Modern at Bergendal

Welcome to Falkberget. It is close to nature and the panorama view over Edsviken is outstanding. On Falkberget will find Bergendals more contemporary pieces and our larger dining rooms in a modern style. The dining room area is divided into four parts and is next to the bar and terrace.

Genuinely in the manor house

In the manor house dining room, you can enjoy good food in a traditional setting - inspired by Art Nouveau, National Romanticism and the Swedish 1700s architecture. The dining room seats 70 guests and offers lovely views of the park and parkway, which reaches down to Edsviken and our private dock.
Lokal som matsal


Gala Dinner? Mingle Evening? At Bergendal we can create the dining room you want, by transforming our conference rooms for exclusive dining rooms. Here we present some of our largest and most popular rooms, you can also subscribe for various festive events.
Chef's table


Chef's Table, the chefs own table, offers a dining experience beyond the ordinary. A taste of the scene in the kitchen, where you through the dinner can take part of the kitchen's secrets. Besides sous chefs and head waiters you closely follow the chefs work and effrts efforts to realize tonight's special composed menu, from raw materials and cooking to organizing.