Food & drinks at Bergendal

At Bergendal you will find classical cooking in new and exciting versions created with great enthusiasm. Our chefs’ work is permeated by a great respect for the raw ingredients, a high level of motivation and quality consciousness, where Swedish ingredients are the centre of attention. Know-how, feeling and quality steer our chefs’ workday.

In our restaurant we work to enhance the total experience of your meeting or celebration by actively searching for new and exciting drinks from all over the world. We have a comprehensive range in our bar and restaurant.


Dining rooms

As a boarder with us, you have five different dining rooms to choose from. For smaller groups, there is a "chambre separé", a small private dining room, where you can socialize in a secluded and comfortable environment.


The Bar

The glass-enclosed bar on Bergendal is situated at the top of the hill with magnificent views of Edsviken. Our bar is a natural meeting before and after dinner. Adjacent to the bar is a generous patio area ideal for an afternoon snack or barbecues.