Stay at Bergendal

As our overnight guest, you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay along the shore of Edsviken bay. You will sleep well in a comfortable, wide bed and wake up in a light room with a view out over the water or the park. In your room you will be able to relax, unwind and regroup after the day’s activities. Take the opportunity to visit the “relaxation section” and book some pampering treatments.

Bergendal has received a four-star rating from Visita, which among other things means that we have 24-hour staffing at the reception desk, room service and dinner service with bar at least six days a week. It is our aim to create a safe environment and all of our staff members have been trained to ensure that each visit will be as safe as possible.


Single room

We have 82 single rooms. All rooms are bright and modern and has views of the park or lake scenery. In the majority of our rooms we have 120 cm beds. All single rooms are equipped with new TVs, a desk, a chair and other amenities for you to experience a pleasant comfort with us.


Double room

Most of our 35 generous double bedroom you will find in the building Gästgården. There is also a large lounge furnished in Norrgavel beautiful eco-friendly furniture. Other rooms are located in the main building or wings outside the manor.