Sustainability perspective

A conference hotel runs the risk of consuming quite substantial resources, which is why we emphasize working as sustainably and climate-smart as possible. Because we have been certified as a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled conference hotel since the 1990s and have also achieved today’s climate-positive certification, we usually say that Bergendal has a “black belt” in environmental engagement. As a guest, most of these measures may not be visible, although some things will be more obvious.

At Bergendal, sustainability is a much larger concept, however, than merely striving to contribute to greener forests and blue seas. It also includes, for example, how we behave towards our colleagues and various organisations – national as well as international – that are working in different ways to develop improved conditions for people and the environment.

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A clean sweep!

At Bergendal, our sustainability work means that we understand “a clean sweep” in a broader perspective: we do our utmost to clean away any unnecessary aspects of our work that may negatively affect the environment. Naturally, in addition to always striving to use laundry and housekeeping products that are as environmentally-friendly as possible, for multi-day stays we do not clean the room unless you ask us to. We simply prefer not to clean a room that doesn’t need it. For those who stay with us more than one night, this means that we won’t clean your room, unless you ask us to.


As a climate-positive facility with a focus on people and the environment, it is just as important for us that you feel confident in what you receive on your plate as it is that you enjoy the environment you are staying in. That’s why, when you enjoy a meal with us at Bergendal, your food is prepared from scratch by our chefs and bakers, in our own kitchen and our bakery. In the bakery, you’ll meet Simon’s rich, leavening and baked doughs. And in the kitchen you’ll find chefs who prefer to build on ecological and locally-produced ingredients, in-season, which they feel contributes to both creativity and joyful innovation in the kitchen.


Sleep well!

Climate change is an issue that affects the conscience of many people today. It affects ours, too. It may be reassuring to know that we won’t be making any more of a mess of it than necessary during your stay. At Bergendal, engagement in the environment is substantial and well-established; we have worked actively for many years to adapt our activities environmentally and in a long-term perspective. We measure and monitor everything from water and energy to chemicals and waste, to ensure that our readings are at the desired level. Every year we also select several international climate projects to support. Here, you are at a certified climate-positive facility. A good conscience is the best pillow.

Our staff are the key

To be able to guarantee that we can provide you the service and help you desire and need when staying with us at Bergendal, we know that we must have employees who enjoy their work and are both cheerful and confident. This is why we work continuously with trying to create the best possible conditions for our personnel to perform their tasks – and to continue to develop together with us.


You are helping us to help others

Over and above the environmental projects that we at Bergendal support – in collaboration with Tricorona – we also choose to support organisations that help people to enhance their chances for a good life. This can involve anything from human rights to childhood cancer research. This year, we are supporting for example the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Ankarstiftelsen, and Vid Din Sida. By choosing Bergendal, you are contributing to the help we can give to others.

Climate-positive facility

Commitment to the environment is strong at Bergendal and we have long been working actively to adapt our activities accordingly and contribute to a more sustainable society. Our environmental work is well thought-out, long-term and thoroughly established within the organisation. We had already been certified, in the 1990s, with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and for several years we have offered more than just climate-neutral conferences: Bergendal is certified as a climate-positive facility.

We measure and monitor numerous areas, including energy, water, laundry, chemicals and waste, to ensure that our values lie at a desirable level. We strive to eliminate as many unnecessary and environmentally-negative measures as possible. We use soil from our own compost in our gardens. We have our own water treatment installation that cleans and chills the water from our own faucet, so that we can serve our guests both still and carbonated water that has been tapped on-site. This solution helps us to avoid unnecessary and environmentally harmful transports.


What do you mean, climate-positive?

To achieve climate-positive certification, one must first be climate-neutral. This is possible only if one takes responsibility for one’s own climate impact, by among other things identifying, reducing and compensating for one’s greenhouse gas emissions. To be certified as climate-positive, one must overcompensate: that is, one must compensate for emissions that are greater than the climate impact of one’s own activities. A minimum of 110%. Bergendal overcompensates in cooperation with Tricorona Climate Partner AB.

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For us, sustainability is also about safety and security

At Bergendal, sustainability is also about creating a safe and secure environment for our guests and staff, ensuring their peace of mind and a sense of well-being. This is why we continually strive to provide security in the form of protection against theft, violence, threats, fire and other mishaps. We have personnel trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including in the use of a defibrillator (AED – automated external defibrillator). Bergendal is equipped with a defibrillator in the event of an emergency. Bergendal has been awarded certification according to Safehotel’s highest level of safety and security – Premium – and maintains a high international standard of safety and security. All personnel receive continual training so as to uphold as secure and safe an environment as possible.

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